Maintenance & upkeep afloat

Do you want to keep your boat in good condition for a long time?

Have it serviced and maintained regularly.

Whether for a sailboat, a new motor boat or a used boat, an up-to-date maintenance logbook is required to track and maintain your boat without the risk of damage to the engine or other equipment on board.

Because the work to be done on your boat is essential and must be done with respect and knowledge of each special element of the boat, It is recommended to use a specialist for the maintenance and maintenance of your ship.

With nearly 20 years of experience in sailing on the French Riviera, Selestiboat offers its services to maintain and perform the maintenance of your boat.

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Our boat maintenance services

The boat must have maintenance!

This special intervention touches all the elements of your boat. Engine, hull, electricity, electronics, fresh water system, everything must be cleaned and checked to ensure future safe and reliable sea exits.

Complete maintenance work at Selestiboat
Taking charge of the boat and conveying from Port Fréjus to the shipyard
Hull cleaning, hull leaching, hull scraping, transmissions, propellers and flaps
Changing the anodes
Thruster cleaning and spray paint application
Cleaning and scraping of drains and water intakes
Painting on hull, transmission and flaps
Rinse and clean the boat back to its berth
Photographic follow-up of the progress of the works (Offered)

Do not think about the expense and make an investment in the long term: the boat maintenance allows you to extend to the maximum the life of your boat, its engine and its equipment.

To accompany you on this point in full transparency, Selestiboat is your unique nautical contact.

Located in Port Fréjus near Saint Raphaël in the Var (83), we help you with all your maintenance needs.

Entretien de yacht bateau voilier - Fréjus - Saint Rapahel Var - 83 - Selestiboat

Our flotation maintenance services for your boat

Owner of a small or large boat, have your boat maintained by professionals familiar with the nautical world.

All boats require regular care and maintenance to prevent damage. For a motor boat or sailboat to remain in excellent condition and continue to sail serenely for as long as possible, think about entrusting the cleaning and the complete maintenance to our specialists near Sainte Maxime and the Golfe of Saint Tropez (83).

Selestiboat maintains your motor boat and sailboat
Mooring monitoring and battery voltage monitoring
Start-up of the generator
Start-up of engines once or twice a month
Aeration of the boat according to weather conditions
Outdoor washing once a month
Photo tracking and visit report at each crossing
--> Available as a package on request or on a one-off basis

As a boat owner you must maintain your ship: Selestiboat helps you to carry out the naval maintenance work and the maintenance of your boat/ sailboat on the French Riviera near Saint Raphaël and Fréjus.

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