Guarding / Wintering

Leaving your ship afloat all year round is, for you, synonymous with constraint

Are you worried about the weather conditions your boat may be experiencing and you want to have peace of mind when you leave your boat in port? There are two options:

  • dry security
  • afloat tracking

At Selestiboat, we help you keep your boat in the best possible condition until the summer season when you can go to sea and enjoy your pleasure boat to the fullest.

Enjoy a professional wintering of your boat to protect it during the winter season.

Bateau hivernage gardiennage - Fréjus - Saint Raphael - Var - 83 - Selestiboat

Protect your boat by overwintering it/ keeping it dry in Port Fréjus (83)

When the boating season is over, boaters take care to shelter their boat and protect it against the toughest months of the year.

You have a boat at the port and you want to protect it?

Selestiboat offers you its services of guarding/ tracking at sea. Our service will allow you to offer the best possible protection for your boat.

What does Selestiboat do for the guarding of your boat?
Overwintering of boat on site with or without cocoon, under hangar or outside
Every year we assure for you, the interventions on your engines, various equipment, hull, annexes...
The monitoring guaranteed by specialized professionals and the assurance of a quality service, will ensure you a serene navigation

We ensure for you the taking over of the ship at the end of the season and its return according to your specifications from the sunny days.

This way, you can get your boat back in optimal condition when you want to go to sea!

During autumn and winter: we keep your boat and we take care of it during all the rough months when it is appropriate to winter your boat.

What does Selestiboat do to overwintering your boat?
Monitoring of moorings and checking of battery voltages, starting the generator
Start-up of engines once or twice a month
Aeration of the boat according to weather conditions
Full outdoor wash, monthly

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