Cleaning / Fairing

Complete the annual maintenance of your boat with the Selestiboat Fairing/ Boat Cleaning service!

Because your boat will not remain in its optimal condition without you intervening on it, you have the duty as a boat, yacht or sailboat owner to have the necessary annual overhaul work done on your boat.

The fairing of your boat improves the speed of your boat during navigation, reduces the risk of corrosion, reduces fuel consumption and prolongs the life of your boat.

What is the ship’s fairing and what does it consist of?

Essential annual intervention, the fairing is essential for the proper functioning of your boat.

This very important action to ensure the best care for your boat allows you to refurbish and clean all parts of your boat so that you don’t have any long-term problems when you sail.

What is the cost of a ship’s refit?

You want to know the price of a refit for your boat? First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between the ship handling and the ship refit.

On request we can provide you with customized quotations according to the requirements of your pleasure boat.

To know the price of a professional fairing for your boat, contact us today indicating the brand, the model, the year and the motorization of your boat so that we can give you a precise price adapted to your needs.

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