Put your boat in rental management

Too bad to leave your ship in port without moving and especially at a loss!

The professional then signs with you an exclusive management mandate that guarantees that only the chosen boating company can rent your ship.

You own a boat but you don’t sail often? You don’t have time to fully enjoy your boat and you don’t go out to sea much? Not making your boat sail can cost you dearly and the stationary station of your ship is damaging not only for your wallet but for the good condition of your boat.

To avoid you losing the full enjoyment owner of your boat while earning you money when you are not sailing, think about the rental management solution! This special service for boat owners allows you to avoid selling your used boat, to keep your naval property without changing your sailing habits.

To know how the management of a boat rental works and how to make this service simple, Selestiboat, your professional boat rental management in the Var in Fréjus, explains everything about this operation: mandate management, its commitments and the benefits of this system.

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What is rental management?

Why don’t you rent your boat to a private !?

As in the case of rental apartments managed by agencies, rental management takes up this principle for owners of boats and catamarans.

When you go through a professional management-rental service, your boat is entrusted to specialists in order to be rented under special conditions defined in a contract established beforehand between you and the chosen nautical agency.

You then entrust the management of your boat or sailboat to a professional who will take care of properly renting your boat when you do not use it.

The professional then signs with you an exclusive management mandate that guarantees that only the chosen boating company can rent your ship.

Rent your boat

What is the mission of the sole representative of leasing management?

The agent you have chosen to rent your boat on the Côte d'Azur takes care of helping you to realize a boat rental from A to Z to free you from all administrative and more generally rental constraints.

When you enter into an exclusive rental management agreement, your agent will take care of all rental requirements.

Rental management by Selestiboat
Search for tenants by agreeing on the amount of the boat rental
Take care of the commercial action plan (advertisements necessary to rent the property, etc...)
Collect rents before payment to the owner
Follow up your boat every day (Maintenance & monitoring at dock)

As soon as you wish you can specify that you want to get your boat back and not rent it for a period. This will allow you to enjoy 100% when you are available while withdrawing money from the rental during other times of the year.

What are the Trustee’s commitments?

When you rent your boat you trust an agent who is obliged to respect commitments in order to rent your boat in the best conditions.

Also,the agent is responsible for your boat and must adhere to obligations such as to leave you when you want, go to sea with your boat without there being a tenant scheduled during this period.

Selestiboat management-rental commitments
Provide the owner with a port place throughout the management mandate
Leave to the owner the complaints rights regarding the personal use of his boat
Select renters rigorously

Boat rental management is a win-win commitment that allows you to rent your ship and take advantage of the services of a professional to take care of your boat.

Specialistof boat rental in Port Fréjus, Selestiboat accompanies you in your desire to rent so that your boat sails serenely and brings you back when you are away from it!

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Are you afraid to rent your boat?

It’s not easy to leave your boat at the controls of other people you don’t know...

And yet, managing and leasing your boat is the safest and most cost-effective way for your boat to sail and not lose money.

By going through a proxy like Selestiboat, you are serene since we take care of everything. As for a real estate rental, you are quiet and we carry out the necessary formalities live with the tenants.

Essential rental steps and guaranteed by Selestiboat
> A hand-up of the boat is made before each departure of rental in sea
> An inventory is established at the departure and return of the rental
> We follow up the file in case of claims
> A continuous exchange of information with the owner

There is no question of letting the tenants go to sea like this: for each boat rented, we operate a precise process to rent your ship in the best possible conditions.

In case of damage caused by the tenant, the repair costs will be charged to him directly

Rest assured: we follow up on claims when you enter into a rental management agreement with our Var team.

Good to know: We are available 7/7 during the summer

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What are the advantages of putting your property in rental management?

Do you still hesitate to put your boat in the Var? However, you have many advantages to opt for this solution if you do not go out to sea too much and you are not present to support your boat.

Nothing is worse for a ship than to leave it there without moving. A boat needs to sail to keep its best condition. By opting for management-rental your boat continues to sail even when you are not on board. But this is not the only advantage!

  • Make your boat profitable all year round

The first and most important point is that through boat rental management you ensure additional income and you amortize the various costs associated with your boat.

  • Enjoy a berth harbour made available

If you opt for the management and rental of your yacht, motor boat and/or sailboat, you will be entitled to a port place included in your contract.

  • Benefit from boat maintenance

During the rental management of your boat, you benefit from a complete follow-up carried out by nautical professionals.

Are you interested in managing-renting your boat? Are you in the Var near Fréjus or Saint Raphaël? We can provide you with a customized rental management study based on your needs!

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